Radically Refreshing Remote Support

Finally, remote IT support that is frictionless for both
agents and customers. How refreshing. 

Simple software meets simple pricing.

Includes unlimited support, free upgrades and no hidden costs whatsoever.


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Radically Refreshing Remote Support

Faster, Frictionless, and Better Than Ever: Keep customers and remote employees on-the-move with a remote support experience that’s better for both agents and end users alike. With GoToAssist, it’s easier to resolve issues fast and without frustration, to get customers and employees back to doing what matters.

Unlimited Live End-User Support

Access and control end users’ computers to resolve issues quickly. Transition from a call or chat to an online support session with just one click.

Unattended Computer Access

Support remote computers and servers without an end user present. Connect at any time to unattended machines.

The solution you love is better than ever.

Our customers have spoken and love for GoToAssist wins the day. Back by popular demand, RescueAssist will become GoToAssist. Still lightweight, fast, and frictionless, the new and improved solution takes your feedback to heart, offering you a choice of a modern web browser or desktop console. Because delighting your end-users begins by delighting your agents with a remote support solution they love.

Delightful support is no longer a unicorn.

Let’s face it. Getting support isn’t your customer’s favorite thing to do, especially when simple issues take too long to resolve. We re-imagined the remote support experience to be much more lightweight. A simple plugin allows the agent to view the customer’s screen through any modern web browser or the downloadable desktop application. And if the session requires remote control, there’s still no need to dig for a download or jump platforms.

Always updated. Always ready.

Speed and security are top priorities. GoToAssist takes advantage of the newest technology so that you can choose the interface you prefer – a web-based agent console or a downloadable desktop console. Simple, and lightweight, the agent console is designed to make the support experience faster, more secure, more reliable, and able to support for more platforms. In-product messaging guides agents every step of the way.

Keep end-users on the go.

The world is only getting more mobile. Ensure your organization can support end-users no matter what device they’re on. GoToAssist enables remote view of iOS devices and Android devices plus remote control of Android devices, so technicians can troubleshoot issues from the same web-based console that they’re already using for desktop support.

Go with the workflow.

Keep your organization humming by offering internal IT support where employees are working every day. GoToAssit integrates with third-party messaging applications, like Slack, to make it easy for employees to reach out for help in a fully familiar environment.

Remote support software you can count on.

GoToAssist will be there for you. So you can be there for your customers.

Agent Console

Quickly and easily start a support session; choose right from the browser or desktop app.

File Transfer

Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended support session, which is useful for applying patches, updates and more.

Remote Diagnostics

Easily access your customer’s system information, including hardware and software configuration.

Multi-Monitor Navigation

Easily switch between all of your customer’s monitors.

Multi-Session Support

Host up to 15 sessions simultaneously per technician.

Slack integration

Put your IT Help Desk in a familiar place where employees are already working.

“GoToAssist is a breath of fresh air, and so is working with LogMeIn. All of the people we’ve worked with have been very responsive to our needs. LogMeIn provides excellent support – and at Afinety we know all about excellence in support.”

Doug Hafford     |    Vice President of Consulting at Afinety, Inc.

Secure and reliable remote support.

Built to the highest standards of security and performance, so you can be confident that your data — and your customers’ data — is always safe.

When escalation is the answer.

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