Tell your story. Reach more people. Grow your business.

Get more results for less work.

Record and reuse your events to bring in more viewers. Our popular CRM integrations also make it a cinch to transfer your attendee data and take the next step.

Expand your reach by recording your webinar to share online.

Pre-recorded events
Pre-record webinars that feel as vibrant as live events.

Integrate with your marketing automation, CRM and more to manage everything in one place.

Put the fun back into webinars.

Our easy-to-use webinar platform allows you to have fun while presenting, and our fully interactive features ensure you keep attendees glued to their screens.

Engagement Dashboard
Keep an eye on attentiveness, hands raised and time elapsed.

Presenter Webcams
Show off your bright smile and invite panelists to do the same, with video webinar services.

Polls & Surveys
Engage your audience with slide-in questions and live results.

Planning the easy way.

Setting up webinar conferencing shouldn’t be a hassle. Forget the clicks, clutter and confusion. Just choose an event date, and GoToWebinar webinar services will walk you through the rest.

Event Management
View every webinar and easily adjust settings.

Flexible Scheduling
Set up a one-time live event, series or on-demand experience.

Webinar Templates
Skip steps by using settings from past webinars for new events.

See what went well.

Generate reports on who attended, how interested they were, what questions they asked and answered – the list goes on.

Attendee Reports
Explore comprehensive reports on who attended.

Event Analytics
See how your webinars performed and download reports with key metrics.

Source Tracking
Discover which channels drove the most webinar signups.

Behind Every Great Webinar, A Winning Solution

Get all the features you need to host flawless webinars.

Event Setup

Flexible scheduling options and webinar templates make event planning quick and easy on any device.


Invite attendees and kick back. Your registrants will automatically receive reminder emails with instant-join links.


Use videos, polls, Q&A and other interactive features to get people interested and keep them hooked.


Get instant insights on webinar registrants and attendee behavior, as well as the overall webinar performance.

Video Library

Record unlimited webinars and easily share them with your customized video library link.


Manage your events, registrant data and communications from your marketing automation or CRM solution.


Limitless Reach with a Personal Touch.

Success without the stress. Plan, Present, Follow-up

GoToWebinar erases the headache and hassle from webinars. No matter your goal or skill level, you’ll quickly see why so many love the GoToWebinar platform. Go from preparing a webinar to presenting in fewer steps – and have a lot of fun along the way.

Support Your Event

Give your high-impact webinars another chance to perform with GoToStage. Putting your content on-demand helps drive new leads without having to conduct another webinar.

GoToStage is free with GoToWebinar!

Get Featured in Front of Millions​

Publish your webinars to GoToStage to expand your reach with new audiences. Millions of attendees visit GoToStage each year to learn & grow.

Unified Communications & Collaboration. All Unified in the Cloud.

Discover what happens when the best in cloud communications meets the best in cloud collaboration.

Perfect for any professional with a story to tell


Marketers worldwide rely on GoToWebinar for easy, effective demand generation. Learn how our webinar software can drive better leads for your own business.


Customer service teams and corporate trainers alike trust GoToWebinar for highly engaging online learning. See how webinars can fit your training needs.

Internal Communications

Internal communicators love GoToWebinar for hassle-free all-hands meetings no matter where attendees are located. Discover how webinars can help you keep employees informed and inspired.
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