Rescue Live Guide, our new
co-browsing software solution

No more guessing. See what your customers see on
any website with Rescue’s secure, standalone
co-browsing technology. 

Cut through the confusion to deliver a better customer experience (CX).

Empower support teams with everything they need to see the world through the eyes of your customers and remote employees – minus any time-consuming downloads.

See how Rescue Live Guide can improve your customer experience.

Customer-facing teams struggle when they can’t visualize what their customer sees, and it leaves customers frustrated. Get to the heart of the matter fast with real-time and secure co-browsing. It augments the engagement channels you already use, like phone and chat, to let you see your customer’s screen on any web page.

  • Differentiate your CX with the white-glove service customers will appreciate
  • Remove business risk by controlling what customer support agents can see or do
  • Drive digital adoption by showcasing how co-browsing works so customers won’t have to call back in

Leverage co-browse across the customer journey.

As a standalone solution, you can implement Live Guide across the organization, allowing more teams to help guide customers at pivotal touchpoints.

Service & Support

Swoop in to help customers find a resource online, adjust a subscription, or troubleshoot an issue to get them on their way fast.


Guide customers through complex online forms like loan applications or insurance claims to remove any barriers and prevent drop-off.


Show your customer how to best leverage your online products and services to increase usage and reduce support calls down the line.

Build customer trust and reduce effort.

Organizations are seeking out visual engagement technology like co-browsing tools to help build customer trust and deliver an effortless experience.1 The problem is, the existing tools companies use for co-browsing fall short. Businesses cite the following issues: requires web resources to add co-browsing on their site, restricts co-browsing sessions to just one domain, and concerns that it puts data privacy at risk.

Only Rescue Live Guide has the unique combination of customer interaction capabilities to help organizations meet their top CX priorities. 

Instant Deployment

Unlike other co-browsing software solutions, Live Guide gives you two implementation options: start now with codeless deployment or insert a single line of code for a more integrated customer experience.

Unparalleled Flexibility

No mobile apps or plugins needed — customers can use any device, any mainstream web browser, and go to any web page. Leverage this purpose-built solution across all of your customer-facing teams.

Worry-free Security

Live Guide is architected for the most secure co-browsing experience possible. It connects to an isolated browser in the cloud, not the user’s device and protects customer’s sensitive information.

Easy Administration

Live Guide gives administrators a simple way to manage the solution. Give the power of co-browsing technology to all customer-facing teams, get the insights you need to improve performance, and customize your solution to fit your business needs.

Admin Controls

Take control of your solution with granular reporting options, whitelisting, and customizations.

Agent Permissions

Restrict what agents can do during a co-browsing session for enterprise-level control.

Session Recording

Record co-browse sessions for quality assurance/audit purposes, encrypted for security.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Rescue Live Guide removes the barriers that often come with co-browsing technology. You’re no longer limited to co-browsing on your own web property, and all customer-facing teams can use it across the customer journey.

Any Web Page

Your customer journey isn’t limited to your web property. Co-browse any web page – not just your own.

Any Web Browser and Device

Your customers can co-browse from their preferred web browser – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11, or Edge – from any device.

Multi-Tab Support

Toggle between multiple tabs to compare products or reference information, just like customers expect to do on the web.

PDF Documents

Open PDF files within a co-browsing session and use annotations to help guide customers.

Standalone Solution

Leverage co-browsing software across all customer-facing teams without the need to train them on a support or engagement platform.

Mobile SDK

Give your customers the ease of co-browsing on your mobile app without sending them to a mobile browser.

In-Session Chat

Quickly and accurately communicate information that’s easier to see than say, like complex model numbers.

Driving positive outcomes for companies of all sizes

The remote support experience you provide to your customers and employees has a measurable impact on your business. Don’t deliver anything less than remarkable.

“Like with any other service, you want something that’s smooth, easy to use, and less of an uplift for the end user. That’s the level of support Rescue lets us provide.”

Michael O’Leary     |     Manager of Client Services at SNHU

“We had just started a free trial of Rescue when a technician told me he was going to have to hit the road to fix a bike. I pointed him towards Rescue and he was able to fix the problem in ten minutes. This was enough to convince the CFO. No PO, no three different vendor evaluations. Rescue proved its value in the first ten minutes of the trial process.”

Chris Langlois     |     Global Technical Training Manager

Worry-free Security

LogMeIn is serious about security and our standalone co-browsing solution delivers on these high standards. In fact, Live Guide is architected for the most secure co-browsing experience possible.

Secure Cloud Architecture

Live Guide connects to an isolated browser in the cloud, never to the end user’s device.

Industry-Leading Encryption

Count on LogMeIn’s TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption.

Data Masking

No matter where you co-browse, on your site or others, agents won’t see private customer data or other sensitive information.

Button Blocking

Ensure that certain actions, like buy now, can only be taken by your customer for their peace of mind and your compliance.

Account-Level PIN

Customers give agents a 6-digit PIN to start co-browsing, keeping them in control. Only your agents can use the code.

Real-Time Deployment

Live Guide is the only co-browsing solution that gives you the choice of how to get started: with or without code. Your deployment, your choice. Business users can take the reins and drive the solution from day one.

Codeless Option

Accelerate time to value. Get co-browsing tools up and running in your organization with zero implementation efforts.

Scripted Option

Add a single line of code to your website so customers can start a co-browsing session where they are with one click.

Self-Service Setup

Business users can not only deploy the visual engagement solution but also set up data masking and button blocking.

Zero Downloads

The co-browsing experience is entirely browser based. There’s nothing for agents or customers to download.

Dynamics Integration

Seamlessly integrate secure co-browsing on any channel in Microsoft Dynamics Omni-channel for Customer Service.

Personalized CX

Calling the customer by name. Providing white-glove customer service. Speaking in their preferred language. Your agents already know how to deliver a personalized customer interaction. Live Guide backs them up with features that do the same.

Named Cursors

Make it clear what actions the agent is taking with differentiated and labeled cursors.


Enhance teaching opportunities and point out specifics with drawing and annotations right on the customer’s screen.

Personalized Mentions

Display the agent’s and customer’s names or roles on all customer-facing mentions.


Make your customer feel more comfortable by displaying messages and labels in their language.

In-Session Chat

Quickly and accurately communicate information that’s easier to see than say, like complex model numbers.

Why Rescue Live Guide?

Rescue Live Guide gives customer-facing agents instant and secure access to collaboratively view and interact with a customer’s web browser. Help the customer navigate any website and access the information they need in a frictionless, secure experience.

Instant Deployment

Codeless deployment allows you to get started instantly without any changes to your site. Or choose to insert a single line of code to your site for the most integrated experience.

Finally, Flexibility

Browse with customers on any device, any mainstream browser, any website – not just your own. Zero downloads required.

Worry-free Security

Live Guide is uniquely architected for the most secure co-browsing experience possible.

Give your people the power to get IT done.

Start providing seamless remote support and see how your business can benefit with a free trial of Rescue.
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