The New York Distance Learning Association ( is heading into 2019 with several exciting initiatives.  Please consider joining our 12,000+ paid members.  Membership is only $25/month (or $250/year). Are you a company, startup or a small team? All are covered by your paid membership!  Register here.  

From Distance Learning to Digital Learning to Digital Living to the IoT (Internet of Things) to “The Cloud.”  No matter what labels we use, the NYDLA aims to be the premier remote work, distance/digital learning and collaboration association in the United States and beyond. Whether it is via satellite, video conferencing, online, offline or other means of distribution, NYDLA will provide the latest information about technology development, collaboration, design and application at anytime, anywhere in our global collaboration world.  

As the Advisory Board Chair of NYDLA, I want to share some opportunities with you.

I also want your collaboration on enhancing our 2019 program via podcasts, workshops, co-sponsorship of symposia, etc.

Potential sectors include academia, continuing education, business/occupational training, professional organizations, agencies, and avocations.

As you know, I am primarily interested in learning themes that involve science and technology such as security, disaster mitigation, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and tech forecasting.  Of course, I am willing to help you coordinate with NYDLA on any other topic (history, cooking…).

NYDLA can be a channel for you to reach an audience of our members, our 5M+ contact list, and anyone reading our social media sites. From Maine to Virginia, we reach the 55M+ of the “New York Megalopolis” and beyond.

So, if you have a passion, want to promote your new book, want to share a new curriculum, have a new learning technology, or are interested in fixing some broken part of learning, let’s talk!  

Together, NYDLA and you can develop a 2019 program element that is beneficial to all.

Yours in Learning, 


Science Advisor at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mitchell D. Erickson, Ph.D.
Chair, Advisory Board

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