08-06-15 Agenda

Living, Learning, Working and Playing in the Clouds

via the IoT (The Internet of Things)

August 6th, 2015  3pm to 5pm

1 Penn Plaza NYC (Polycom HQ)  48th Floor

On behalf of the NYDLA.org and our various sponsors, we thank you for joining us for “A Day in the Clouds”.  Here are some tips to make this FREE NYDLA.org event a success:

  • First, you need to be on the guest list to access the building. And don’t forget your photo ID.
  • Business Casual is the dress code for the day.
  • Presentations will begin promptly at 3:00pm.  We have four wonderful presentations, and we shall be following the “TED.com” format of 18 minutes for all presenters.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to pass through security, and get up to the 48th floor. Plan ahead for traffic and parking.
  • From 3pm > 5pm we shall be “working” and absorbing as much knowledge as possible from our wonderful panel. I recommend bringing a bottle of water, and something to take notes. At 5pm (until ?) we shall go “downstairs” to the rooftop bar (Local West) located  at 1 Penn Plaza (Corner of 33rd Street and 8th Ave) https://www.facebook.com/LocalWestNYC
  • The networking opportunities for the day (especially on the rooftop bar) shall be outstanding. Be sure to bring lots of business cards!
  • NYDLA Members: If for some reason you cannot make it to the 3pm > 5pm sessions, you are welcome to join us at 5pm on the rooftop bar for networking.
  • Take lots of pictures! Take videos! Next week we shall host a Box.com folder to upload videos and pictures from the day. The more cameras the better!
  • My cell phone is 862-812-3429 (for texting, please) if you need to reach me.

Looks like we shall have excellent weather!  See you tomorrow “in the clouds”

Thomas A. Capone, Executive Director NYDLA.org
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My Personal Email: TomCapone@gmail.com
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