We Make it Easy for

People to do Business

with You 

We help you easily manage business relationship workspaces for each of your prospects, customers and partners, where you schedule, meet, chat, share materials, sign and much more, all in one place. Use ClientPoint to nurture leads more effectively, propose & close deals faster, and onboard & serve clients better.

Founder and Chairman of ClientPoint, Laurence Abrams.

Watch the video as he talks about how ClientPoint can make a huge difference to your business, sales, marketing, and client success workflow.

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The Problem we solve

B2C Looks Like This
Really clean, everything in one place
B2B Looks Like This
Total chaos, an average of 15 SaaS logins and a dozen content types, anchored by email

The B2B customer journey is a mess. Solving this problem is our “Why.”


We help you organize and transform your most valuable business relationships.

Here’s where you’ll find out about our larger mission, meet our people and experience the culture that makes it all happen.

ClientPoint is the ultimate business relationship & support experience

ClientPoint sales experiences are interactive, attractive, easy-to-use, and endlessly customizable
  • ClientPoint experiences help you land more meetings, facilitate better virtual presentations, follow up more powerfully, and close more deals.
  • Give prospects quick interactive access to everything they need, including you with live on-demand sales meetings.
  • Add marketing videos, client testimonials, personalized video messages and other multimedia from a preset library, connected drive or mobile device.
  • Use prebuilt experiences to give every rep the ability to wow their prospects.

Our sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients.


Data is power. Become Unstoppable.

At the click of a button, know when prospects looked at your content, for how long, and who they shared it with.
  • Stay in the know by getting real-time notifications on prospect behavior.
  • Customize sales and proposal experiences in real time based on who’s looking at it and what they are interested in.
  • Track deals by rep or sales stage, close date, and more…(Great for coaching, strategizing, and forecasting).


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