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How Arrangr Works

Connect Your Cal

Arrangr plugs right into all popular calendars (Apple, Microsoft, Google) using safe and secure industry-standard protocols.

Automated Process

Arrangr can reserve tentative meeting times, release them when rejected, and schedule the complete meeting from beginning to end.


Arrangr can not only schedule conference calls, video chats, and suggest restaurants and meeting spots, but integrates these tasks using your preferred services.

Complete Package. One Stop.

No more flipping between 10 different apps to coordinate your meeting. Arrangr has everything you need in one place.

Stop the Miscommunications

No more showing up at two different Starbucks. No more time zone mix-ups. Arrangr’s consistent and clear interface eliminates the ambiguity.

Stop the Miscommunications

With timely reminders and friendly nudges to recipients you’re waiting on Arrangr makes sure nothing slips between the cracks.

Real Time Connections.

You can do so much more with Arrangr by connecting it to other apps you use
like Google Cal, Zoom, and Slack to automate your meeting planning process.

Don’t see your favorite?

Arrangr can work with thousands of other apps through Zapier and
with our flexible customization

What Our Users Are Saying

“I LOVE Arrangr. I use it all the time. It is easy and the interface is very elegant. …I have tried other systems in the past, but none of them gave me the flexibility and workability of Arrangr.”


Book midwife and self-publishing expert

“Fast, simple and just plain easy! These guys just get it. Takes away the stress of arranging a meeting”


TV Local Sales Manager

“Nice app! 
Excellent UX”


Founder & CEO, Consortiex

“I’m done with empty promises from other companies. Arrangr Rocks!”


CEO at Wentworth Executive Recruiting

“Zero learning curve and nothing but simple confirmations from my invites make Arrangr my go to in arranging a meeting!”


Business Development Executive

“I am impressed – I have looked at a lot of these products and yours is the first that seems truly to integrate well and work – congratulations”


Exec Chairman

Arrangr Features

Flexible Invitations
Like a calendar meeting marker, but on steroids!
  • Send a few dates and times for recipient to choose
  • Send a block(s) of time for them to choose a time within
  • Send a request and let them choose
  • Include your preferred virtual video or conf. call platform – fully integrated
Cross-Calendar Ability
Arrangr is calendar agnostic!
  • Integrates with Google, Office, and iCloud
  • Integration allows you to see when you have an open time
  • Integration allows you to see their available times
  • Tentative placeholders put directly in your calendar while you await their acceptance
  • Double-book avoidance
  • In other words, we guide you to those open times quickly with full clarity
Intelligent Spot-Finder
Meeting in person? We’ll help you find that perfect spot!
  • Quick restaurant, bar, cafe, and hotel suggestions
  • Ratings, reviews and pictures of potential locations
  • Half-way point suggestions (with route plotting)
  • Saved favorite places
  • Smart suggestions based on meeting history
Turn-Key Conferencing
Easy, one-click video or audio conferencing
  • Best-of-breed conferencing; you choose your favorite system
  • Auto-generated conference number and pin – integrated into invite
  • Auto-generated video call links – integrated into invite
  •, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.
Booking Ability
Ability to create inbound booking pages
  • Share your Arrangr link with others to book a time
  • Link takes others to your customized booking page
  • Create multiple pages tailored to different activities
  • Ability to book by your current availability
  • Professor hours – ability to book by set times
And Much More!
So many more features
  • Opened invite read-receipts
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Collaborative group polling – in beta
  • Messaging
  • Timely, customizable reminders for you and your invitee

Elegant & Intuitive Online Meeting Scheduler

Arrangr’s free meeting scheduling tool has almost zero learning curve. Rather than replace the organic scheduling process with rigid and complicated scheduling software, Arrangr enhances the way you naturally schedule meetings. Whether you’re trying to schedule a meeting online or in-person, scheduling for business or trying to keep your personal calendar in check, Arrangr is the scheduling tool for the job.

Security is our priority

Arrangr does not
sell data

Or share data with

We strictly adhere
to European GPDR

Arrangr uses the latest in encryption
and password protocols

Arrangr protects linked third-party accounts with best practice
protocols like OAuth 2.0, app-specific passwords, and 2-factor
authentication, while Arrangr passwords are secured with a NSA-
designed one-way cryptographic function.


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