Coronavirus Disruptions: An Offer of Support to our Global Communities and Customers

As the Coronavirus continues to spread and affect the way organizations around the world do business, the global community is in a unique position to help. 

As a community, we are making it a top priority to do all that we can to assist our members to focus on the health of their employees and their business, while simultaneously helping the critical service providers who are on the front lines. 

Since 1983, we have supported the future of work – the future of education, offering the knowledge, technology and the talent that empowers people to live, learn, and work – from anywhere in the world. Over the next few years, environmental, social and economic factors (and technology like 5G) will likely drive more and more companies to embrace “the virtual workplace.”

Today, coronavirus (COVID–19) has caused individuals and companies around the world to question how best to conduct their business during this outbreak. These factors have put strain on critical service providers like local and regional municipalities, hospitals, educational institutions and non-profit organizations as they ready themselves to deal with further outbreaks and disruptions.

Coronavirus is accelerating the pace at which many organizations are being pushed to embrace remote work – now – despite the fact that many of these organizations are not yet properly equipped to get the most productivity out of their remote workforce. This accelerated pace towards working remotely, coupled with underlying health concerns are creating pain for NYDLA members, their clients, their employees, as well as the global communities in which we all live. 

We are seeing:

  • Management considering whether to curtail or even eliminate travel
  • Marketing teams rethinking participation in events
  • IT teams planning for business continuity and remote worker support
  • Schools and employers taking a firmer stance on employee and student illness
  • Local/regional municipalities and health care providers gearing up to maintain and even further ramp their community support services

We’ve already seen usage of collaboration products such as Zoom, Workplace, and Box having more than doubled (or even tripled) in recent weeks.

We are making it a top priority to do all that we can to help our customers focus on the health of their employees and their business, while also helping the critical service providers in our communities who are on the front lines.

Free NYDLA Emergency Remote Work Kits for Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Municipalities & Non-Profit Organizations

Starting immediately, NYDLA we will be offering our critical front-line service providers with free, organization-wide use of many NYDLA products through the availability of Emergency Remote Work Kits. These kits will include solutions for meetings and video conferencing, webinars and virtual events, IT support and management of remote employee devices and apps, as well as remote access to devices in multiple locations.

Support for Customers via (Powered by Workplace)

It is important that our members understand that we are here to support them during this time. 

We will also be offering assistance with deploying and training users who are new to remote working. NYDLA community members have the knowledge, and the “best practice” expertise on how to use and deploy technology. 

We have asked our leaders and worldwide staff to play a part in helping to tackle the challenges presented by the coronavirus head on. So, if you work for a healthcare provider, educational institution, municipality or a non-profit organization, please know that you can reach out if you need assistance.

Expertise and Best Practices for Embracing Remote Work

We have also started a resource center with tips and best practices on how to master the shift to remote working for employees, managers and IT teams. 

For example, we have posted articles on Tips For First-Time Remote Workers along with guides to Understanding The Challenges of a Fully Remote Workforce as well as other content already available on the website. We will be continuing to update the Workplace and our social channels with educational materials from both NYDLA staff and third party experts in the coming days and weeks.

If you are a member looking to help protect your employees and rapidly expand your remote work policies, please contact us. We are committed to supporting you the best way we know how. You can call us toll-free anytime at 800-314-6084 or simply send an email to  

Be safe.

Thomas A. Capone

Chairman, CEO

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