We expect 44K+ to attend InfoComm 2024 LIVE in Las Vegas. https://www.infocommshow.org/

As we do every year – we are sponsoring IC24 in partnership with our amazing DLA vendors and sponsors. We shall be doing pre/during/post trade show marketing – to all who attend.

However, this is our first year where the DLA is ALSO operating as a Master Agent for Dotdigital, ClientPoint and Mailmodo.

And so, as a paid member of the DLA, you have access to all of the above. We can set you up with your own Dotdigital, ClientPoint and Mailmodo accounts – or – you can use ours. Because the DLA ‘brand’ has been operating since 1983, our emails, SMS and social media posts enjoy close to a 50% open rate.

If you are investing in the time, money, travel – possibly even the expense of manning a trade show booth at IC24, let us help you to achieve maximum ROI and ROAS pre/during/post IC24.

It’s all a value-added member benefit of the (now global) DLA!  

Email InfoComm2024@NYDLA.org to learn more.  Or better yet – click on My ClientPoint link below:

Thomas A. Capone, CEO
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