Webinar: 5 ways to go beyond your company intranet

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Join us for a live 30-minute demo and discover how you can evolve your intranet strategy with Workplace Knowledge Library.

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  • Easily create and update your org’s most important content
    Business and team leaders can create content without the need for IT support
  • Improve engagement of critical company information across the entire organization
    From the office to the frontline, give easy access to important content, including healthcare, wellbeing reimbursements and remote working policies
  • Host your most important content in one place, no matter where it’s located
    Use Knowledge Library APIs to bring content from different sources together
  • Easy access for every employee
    Create accessible, mobile-friendly content for every employee, no matter where they are
  • Host static content for teams throughout the entire organization
    Create a tailored view for each employee so they only see content relevant to their role, location or business unit

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Join us for a live demo and learn how to evolve your intranet strategy with Knowledge Library.

Alizée Ochoa

Alizée Ochoa

Client Success Manager,Workplace from Facebook

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Director of Operations

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Discover how you can evolve your intranet strategy with Workplace Knowledge Library.

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