Create a Distinctive Environment.

Actual-Look    Screen-Sample

Comes in 3 sizes. Made with a matte fabric material with a Post-It Note type of adhesive that makes it easy to install on a wall in minutes. It is easily repositionable to achieve perfect placement. We are happy to print your design as well. We are offering an elegant addition to the online reality we are all living. Look and feel your best.

Meetings Could be a beautiful thing


Switchfab Background Prints is a creative Covid19
 response by Grafaktri Inc, an environmental graphic
 design and fabrication company located in
 Ann Arbor Michigan.


We collaborate with fellow designers,
marketing professionals, organizations
 and individuals to find creative solutions
that inform, inspire and delight.


For over 35 years Grafaktri has been evolving with
technology to explore new ways of creative visual
expression. We believe a function of art to is to reveal
and celebrate our common humanity.

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