World Wide Wonderland

The Virtual Magic Show

Every memorable event has a first-class show act.

World Wide Wonders is a brand-new virtual magic show. A highly visual and unforgettable experience, which can be individually customized for your online conferences and virtual events. The show is performed live and your guests will become an interactive part of it. And, thanks to individually customizable effects, your brand will be front and center of the spotlight.

A new medium calls for a new show

Increase your brand’s impact with screen-grabbing entertainment that is tailored to the virtual world. With never before seen illusions, Simon creates an unforgettable and captivating experience, using the medium Online Conference to interact with his audience and letting them be part of the show.

This unique magic experience, hosted by The iPad Magician, is perfect to get your message across to large audiences in a visually stunning and entertaining way.

World Wide Wonderland is the ultimate online show act that helps your brand to connect people, teams and organizations.

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Your guests will experience a show like they have never seen before. Simon Pierro will captivate your audience with magical entertainment and deliver your company’s core messages the emotional highlight of your online event.

With most events currently taking place online, our team has created the perfect show act for this new virtual chapter. Whether you are planning on hosting an online conference, joining your business partners on a Zoom call or inviting your guests to a virtual celebration:

Simon Pierro’s new magic show World Wide Wonderland will be the highlight of your event.

Interactive, individual and indispensable

Simon Pierro’s incredible magic effects go beyond anything you’ve ever seen in a video conference.  “World of Wonderland” offers plenty of new digital illusions, but you’re not simply watching the show on your screens, you will be an interactive part of it.

And you’ll never know what’s gonna happen next. The illusions range from classical magic to video trickery.

The entire show is performed live and lets the audience be even closer to the magic than ever possible on a big stage.

World Wide Wonderland

a virtual magic show, like you’ve never experienced before!

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