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Many companies are stuck in a rut. For years, they’ve set aside an entire workday and brought in some egghead to talk about workplace safety or customer relations. Yet, in addition to the loss of a productive workday, little information is actually retained. Sure, eLearning is all the rage because of the cost savings and streamlined education benefits it offers. However, many organizations are struggling with online training that isn’t effective, is poorly executed or doesn’t properly compute the value of educating their staff.

This is where Inno-Versity shines We use a distinct eLearning design process developed from decades of experience in education. Our comprehensive approach uses dozens of learning methodologies and techniques that help engage learners and get your organization results. We’re careful to consider the existing learning technologies of your company, while helping you decide on what should be moved online. Our aim is to create a holistic learning environment, rather than simply launching a few online courses. Through an in-depth review of your current learning environment and your organization’s requirements, we can help you launch a learning program with an executable plan that provides tangible results.