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Chris Hare

Chris Hare started his career in the world of advertising and marketing, and subsequently completed tours of duty at Microsoft and Amazon before launching The Storied Future in 2016. His current and past clients include FTD, Amazon, Microsoft Worldwide Energy & Resources, Outreach, and TerraPraxis. Chris Hare is also the host of The Storied Future Podcast where he interview leaders who have put new narratives out into the world and then used those narratives to shift the future.

For the past five years, Chris Hare led storytelling pro bono for The Bar X Project, a nonprofit serving combat-wounded Marines. He have live with his wife, Michele, and their two teenagers outside of Seattle at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

If you want to transform your company or industry–and transform yourself in the process–Chris Hare think you’ll find a lot of value here. He advises high-performing midmarket and enterprise CEOs, helping them create narratives that unlock a future where they can be celebrated–not just for what they build, but for how they build it and who they become in the process.