Running Remote Conference Speakers

What topics to expect?

Scaling to $100 million as a remote team

Discover what’s possible when your budgets aren’t tied up in office running costs. What happens when we reinvest into people and growth.

Is a remote team a blockchain?

Distributed team culture is built on trust, similar to a blockchain – a decentralised grid with intense collaboration. Let’s discover the different facets of a remote team culture and should “not the right fit” be acceptable?

How to deal with multiple currencies/countries

Distributed teams typically share one project between a number of countries. Cross-border money management can quickly become an issue. How to send money with ease?

Mindfulness – remotely sane

Would you like your employees to be happier and more focused at work? Meditation has been scientifically proven to have those effects. Focus can be especially difficult when working remotely.

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