Join us for Breakfast:
November 7th, 2018 8am – 10:30am

Wells Fargo Headquarters 150 East 42nd Street (Concourse Level)


Until recently most business owners protected their data by simply using an external hard drive and taking a copy home. The fear of loss by fire or water was paramount. However, the world has changed. Convenient access to data from multiple access sources – laptops, tablets and smart phones – has brought significant risk to business operations. Data theft is on the rise and must be addressed.

Come join us as Mitchell Rock, along with a panel of industry experts, discusses:


    • What is a data breach and how often do they occur? Are you at risk?
    • How can my data be stolen? An overview of common breaching tactics.
    • What are the costs of loss? Operational and Reputational.
    • How can businesses best protect themselves from cyber-attacks? Learn from the experts.
    • How can you be reimbursed for losses incurred? Can you retrieve your stolen data?
    • What are your competitors doing about cyber threats? What actions can you take?



Managing Director – Wells Fargo

CEO – @Risk Technologies

Principal – WithumSmith + Brown

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