Your Stories. Our Pictures.

In three easy steps, you can use the Squigl cloud video maker to create professional-looking content. No experience required.

Take Your Presentations to New Levels

Squigl is a new way to present ideas. Ditch static slideshows and text-heavy documents for a format designed to increase retention and learning.

Social Media

Take online video to new
levels with advanced features
and cloud storage.

Email Marketing

Boost student learning with
engaging whiteboard video that’s
easy on teachers too.

Lead Generation

Make business presentations
and training easier with
attention-grabbing videos.

Squigl is built on the science of learning.

  • Storytelling
  • Synchronization
  • Movement
  • Surprise
  • Glyphs

Some people are visual learners, some learn best through listening, and some learn from experience. Stories that combine audio and visual experiences create a powerful presentation that’s perfect for any learner.

With Squigl’s advanced video maker, you can go beyond static PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and create engaging visual stories any type of learner will remember.

Create Videos in Minutes with Our Cloud Based Video Maker Mobile-Enabled App

Enjoy Endless Possibilities with Squigl’s Business Video Maker

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