89% Bad Hires Lack Soft Skills

Report after report illustrates how the lack of soft skills like EQ, time management, and professionalism are crippling today’s workplaces and costing American businesses nearly $700 B/yr in employee churn.

STEERus changes the game in talent development:

  • Custom curriculum development and gamified learning to boost engagement & content retention
  • Skills assessments to inform a personalized learning experience
  • e-Learning in the world’s first Soft Skills Academy with bite-size lessons told storytelling style
  • Group workshops and 1:1 private sessions with some of the world’s best coaches
  • Access to an interactive resume builder

    NJ Governor Murphy named STEERus a Top 10 Innovator and Collision named STEERus a Top 50 Impact Startup.

    Innovate your recruiting & retention strategy today!

    Word Nerd. Science geek. Champion of the underserved. Social entrepreneur inspired by acts of kindness. An optimist & contrarian bent on living outside the box. More random than linear but 101% determined.

    I’m a PhD scientist who went to the dark side (marketing  & sales) working as an executive at several Fortune 100s and several startups. An award-winning author, journalist, podcaster, and the founder of STEERus.

    And I’m an egalitarian committed to seeing everyone on the planet getting a shot at success in school, at work, and in life.

    It’s 2022 – it’s time for The Great Reboot.

    Do you want to just “get by” or do you want to build your business with a contemporary solution for talent recruitment & retention?

    How you can help make a difference:

    • Coaches, mentors, and career counselors – join our movement
    • Use your corporate sustainability dollars to BOGO (Buy One; Gift One) Academy tuition to empower the underserved
    • Connect us to non-profits – we make our Academy free to those in need

      What’s Your Plan to Connect With Gen Z?

      As digital natives, Gen Z has grown accustomed to just-in-time answers and value brands who make diversity and inclusion a priority. They’re more connected than any other generation – but they’re also the hardest to reach.

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      • Personalized learning benefits everyone
      • You can affordably offer everyone in your company soft skills training
      • Our social justice efforts make upskilled diverse talent (including re-entering talent) available and ready to work


      92% of Hiring Managers value soft skills over hard skills.
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