The Raymond Hatcher Stories

by Mark Zvonkovic

They seemed destined to be together when they began a romance in Austin.

Belinda Larkin, never married, was a partner at a big law firm in Houston. Jay Jackson, also unmarried, was a partner who retired after he inherited his large family ranch in San Saba, Texas. But their romance was only a few weeks old when he disappeared and she returned to her successful life of thirty years, married happily to the law.

Then, two years having passed, they come together at a beach house in Mexico to rekindle their dormant romance. She is loath to compromise her independence again and he, unknown to her, has discovered that it may be impossible to retire from a spy career. For ten days each of them grapples with doubts and unexpected complications that threaten their lives.

An old mission comes back to haunt Jay and Belinda faces a mandatory retirement at her law firm. She must also deal with a misogynist New York lawyer and the rape of a young woman associate, while Jay is kidnapped by a man from his past.
Answers come together at the end, but the future is uncertain.

About the Author

Mark Zvonkovic is a writer who lives in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico with his wife Nancy and their two dogs, Finn and Cooper. He has written two novels. He also writes book reviews and essays that have appeared in several online publications. Before retiring to Mexico, Mark practiced law in Houston, Texas and in New York City. He attended college at Southern Methodist University and at Boston University, and his law degree is from SMU School of Law.

Advance Praise for Belinda

Belinda is a thrilling novel with gripping layers of legal and corporate intrigue, but it’s Zvonkovic’s character work and timely themes that propel the narrative to new heights. Part romance, part legal drama, Zvonkovic blends genres and defies expectations with each turn of the page, ultimately creating an emotional exploration of justice, purpose, and legacy.

—- James Wade, Spur Award-winning author of River, Sing Out

“A spy thriller meets legal fiction meets romance novel.

—- Kirkus Reviews

Belinda’s study in contrasts and opportunities will delight readers with a story that grabs on both an emotional and action-packed basis. It keeps readers wondering about many options until its end…

— Midwest Book Reviews

Zvonkovic’s third novel is a compelling legal drama with heart, driven by character and offering complex corporate scheming and suspense. In Belinda, Zvonkovic layers in the tension and twists that will keep even a casual legal thriller reader’s interest piqued. 

—BookLife Reviews

“Fans of characters such as Tom Clancy’s John Clark, as well as other readers who are interested in the techno-thriller genre, should find Belinda to be a thoroughly captivating and satisfying read.

—David Loux, Author of Chateaux Laux

“When the past bleeds into the present, a lawyer and an ex-spy reunite, risking the unknown in this entertaining romantic thriller.

—Clarion Reviews

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