It’s Distance Learning’s Time to Shine

NYDLA | USDLA | NADLA – 2023 National Conference has long been an event where we mingle, discuss technology, and learn from an audience broader than our own. Nothing can replace those live in-person interactions and conference feedback has always focused on those personal relationships made with one another.

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July 17th – 20th We invite you to participate in the 2023 National Conference for NYDLA | USDLA | NADLA! This is our first major LIVE joint event since COVID. For those who cannot attend LIVE in Orlando, we shall be hosting a Livestream for everyone in North America.

We are starting (now) with outreach to all free and paid members of NYDLA | USDLA | NADLA. Our ask of you is $500 to include YOU and YOUR business in all pre/during and post event marketing. 

  • New booth banners are being created for the Technology ASSURANCE Cooperative and we want to include YOUR logo.
  • New email flyers are being created for outreach to all NYDLA | USDLA | NADLA members and we want to include YOUR clickable logo.
  • All paid (and free) members enjoy access to but PAID members enjoy SPA (Special Price Authorization) and FREE access to the Co-op.

The TAC-USA booth shall be the most popular booth at the 2023 National Conference, by far.

We shall also be recording a few interviews LIVE from the National Conference. As you know, 300+ of the Fortune 1000 and 46% of the Schools of Business (and their alumni) are in our growing, global community.

I shall also be presenting on TBLS: Technology Based Learning Systems and I plan on doing hands-on demonstrations of the telecom and technology solutions that enable the future of work, and the future of education.

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This shall be the best $500 you will ever spend in 2023!  And of course, you are welcome to join us LIVE in Orlando!

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