About Us

What is NYDLA?

The New York Distance Learning Association

From Distance Learning to DIGITAL Learning to DIGITAL LIVING to the IoT (Internet of Things) to “The Cloud”

No matter what labels we use, the NYDLA aims to be the premier remote work, distance/digital learning and collaboration association in the United States and beyond. Whether it is via satellite, video conferencing, online, offline or other means of distribution, NYDLA will provide the latest information about technology development, collaboration, design and application at any time, in anywhere for global collaboration.

Join the NYDLA (and now, NADLA!) as we help each other to live, learn, work and play in the clouds!

Host Universities

In 2011, the NYDLA launched its “Host University” initiative. We formed strategic partnerships with colleges and universities in the NY/NJ/CT region. These institutions are centers of excellence in the areas of distance learning and online education. Each year, we host events at our partner schools, with authors, celebrities, and thought leaders in the worlds of education and the future of work.