Angel: Timeless Advise From An Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000

“And that’s the thing about Calacanis. Only a sucker would bet against him.” – Fast Company and receive the book for FREE.


Jason is an investor in more than 150 companies, including four multi-billion dollar “unicorns.” He has also built and sold multiple companies for tens of millions of dollars, and hosts the popular podcast “This Week in Startups.”

In ANGEL, Jason shares every unfair advantage he developed to deploy capital more intelligently than the competition. Billion-dollar unicorns are rare, with only 12-24 created annually — but Jason hit three in his first 50 investments, including juggernauts Uber and Thumbtack in his first five.

Evaluate founders

If you wrote a check to everyone with an idea, you’d go broke fast. Jason will teach you the qualities, signs, and tactics for spotting the best founders.

Learn and iterate
Technology moves fast. You’re going to need to iterate to be successful. Learn how Jason applies Lean Startup methodologies to investing.

Find startups
Learn how Jason tracks down billion dollar ideas when they haven’t even launched to the public yet.

Understand deals
Investing in startups is complicated, and investors who don’t understand deal structure get burned. ANGEL will teach you the ropes.

Add value
The best founders will only take your money if they think you can bring more than just cash to the table. ANGEL will teach you how to deliver added value.

Make money
At the end of they day, the goals of angel investing are to advance humanity and return capital. This book will set you on a path to do both.

“And that’s the thing about Calacanis. Only a sucker would bet against him.” – Fast Company

“Arguably the world’s greatest angel investor.” – The Twenty Minute VC

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