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From Last Chance U star Brittany Wagner, Comes an Empowering Book to
Overcome Obstacles and Make Every Day Count

Birmingham, AL, September 7, 2021 — In the hit Netflix docuseries Last Chance U, athletic academic counselor Brittany Wagner helped student-athletes move beyond personal failure to find success and prepare themselves for life beyond the gridiron. We all face disappointments and setbacks, but with each and every sunrise we are offered the option to change our fortunes. No one wakes up wanting to be a failure and no one is operating truly on their last chance. Next chances await those willing to put in the time and effort to rewrite their own stories and to reap the rewards of life. The ability to reframe each day as an opportunity to start fresh is key.

In her new book, Next Chance You, Wagner offers a roadmap to move forward from where readers currently are in life.

Using practical strategies and empowering examples from her own life and those she has counseled, Wagner will show readers how to build positive daily habits, overcome obstacles, and develop a growth mindset. Included at the end of most chapters are Sharpen Up! activities to allow readers the opportunity to self-reflect and apply ideas from each chapter.

For everyone from college students to CEOs, Wagner’s inspirational messages will help motivate readers to step away from excuses and fearlessly pursue their goals, whether that is finding a new job, leaving a relationship, or simply having more compassion for ourselves and others.

“Next Chance You is a book chock-full of helpful tips and strategies to help you reach your goals! Brittany and I grew up together in small town Mississippi, and even back then she was learning ways to empower herself and achieve her goals. This book takes her expertise and makes it understandable for people of all ages!” —LANCE BASS, pop icon




“When I saw Brittany Wagner share her unique blend of practical advice and tough love to the student-athletes on Last Chance U, I could tell that she genuinely cared for and believed in them, even if they had lost faith in themselves. I’ve since gotten to know her and can tell you that she is the real deal. Next Chance You, her blueprint for creating a growth mindset, will empower you, encouraging you to put your best foot forward and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.”

Courteney Cox

Actress, Producer, and Director

“Brittany Wagner stood out on Last Chance U because she passionately fought for the student-athletes she counseled—not just to make grades to maintain eligibility, but to carve a path for a successful life after their playing days were over. She genuinely cares about them as people. Years later, they will tell you that they are better for having known her. In her book Next Chance You, she brings the same grit and determination to help you live your best life.”

Michael Strahan

Co-host, Good Morning America; Analyst, Fox NFL Sunday; Pro Football Hall of Famer

“I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for Brittany Wagner’s guidance and endless support. She was a great academic advisor and, maybe even more importantly, she was a life advisor. As a lost twenty- year-old who had made many mistakes in my life, there were days I was alone, with no one to talk to, but she was always there for me with a listening ear and an open heart. Ms. Brittany was not there just to collect a paycheck. She was genuine and truly wanted to help me be the best stu- dent and best person I could possibly be. I will never forget the conversations we had that allowed me to learn and grow into the man I am today.”

Dakota Allen

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker

“Brittany Wagner is the ultimate motivator. She has turned countless people’s lives around, including her own, with her brains and her heart. Her legendary tenacity will be portrayed by Courteney Cox in the Hol- lywood version, but her real-life story is even more riveting to discover. And she’s sharing her secrets in Next Chance You. The determined single mom has more surrogate ‘kids’ running around. Brittany can help us all redefine success, both on and off the football field. From the humble East Mississippi Community College football program to Netflix stardom, Brittany maintains a clear-eyed view of what’s real and what’s hype. Next Chance You is a manifesto for living your best life . . . by first believing in yourself.”

Juju Chang

co-anchor, ABC News Nightline

“Everyone should have someone like Brittany Wagner tutor them through life. Someone who’ll take a complicated algebra problem or a life problem and break it down into solvable parts. Someone who’ll listen to the first draft of your English essay and gently point out places where it could be improved while simultaneously making you feel as though you’re a better writer than you think you are. Someone who’ll listen to your deepest aspirations; your most private fears and failures without judgement and with generous portions of kindness and patience—with her signature standard of leaving you better than she found you. Brittany is a fine human during a time in which humanity is in short supply. She can’t physically be everywhere for everyone so this book is the next best thing.”

Greg Whiteley

producer of Last Chance U

“Brittany Wagner is so inspiring to me, and with Next Chance You she’s captured many of her empowering pieces of advice in one place. Anyone who could use a little motivation or help getting themselves on track to create a better life should read this book!” 

Sara Evans

Country music star

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