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A few weeks ago, you visited the NYDLA.org website.
I would like to thank you for your time with a small token of my appreciation.
Since 1983 “Distance Learning” as morphed and changed.
Distance Learning has become Digital Learning. And quite honestly, in today’s world the “DL” simply stands for Digital LIVING.
Just a few years ago, mailing out VHS or audio tapes was considered to be state-of-the-art Distance Learning. In today’s globally connected world, Digital Living covers all things online learning, training, and remote work.
The NYDLA is also deeply involved in eCommerce, security, IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, audio, web and video conferencing – all things “cloud”. 
Quite simply: membership in the NYDLA.org can help to take you, your work, and your entire organization to the next level.
300+ of the Fortune 1000 and 46% of the Schools of Business (and their alumni) enjoy the benefits of membership in the NYDLA.
Members of the NYDLA have access to the buying power of our growing community. Sponsors like Zoom, AT&T, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Intuit, Amazon, First Data, CardConnect, Barco, Rackspace, QTS, Box, Shopify, BigCommerce, WeWork – 180+ telecom and technology vendors provide our valued NYDLA members with our special contract pricing. 
NYDLA members save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars per month (each and every month) on the technology that will allow you (and your colleagues) to live, learn, work and play in today’s connected world.
Why pay more for the tools you need to grow?
Our community has access to the thought leaders and subject matter experts who can help you and your organization grow and thrive. Access to our online courses, training and coaching is all included. And, NYDLA members are invited to attend our annual conferences in Orlando, Cancun and New York City.
Whether you are a “solopreneur” working alone, or you work in a company with a staff of thousands, your NYDLA membership covers everyone in your organization. If you want to experience the benefits of the NYDLA community simply click on the 30 DAY FREE MEMBERSHIP button. No credit card or payment is required.
If you would like to discuss the NYDLA my direct line is 973 299 2956. I am really great at returning phone calls! Or you can connect with me via email or on LinkedIn here.
Thank you again for your time. I hope to soon welcome you to the NYDLA.org community!