Communications & Collaboration

Share and manage information,
improve teamwork, and
increase productivity.

Cloud Servers & Storage

Full cloud and hybrid solutions.
Secure and Accessible.

Data Protection

Protect your business from
data leaks, damage, and loss.

Data Security

Secure your business
from the growing risks
to networks, systems, and data.

Business Solutions

Enable your business.
Empower your team.
Solve problems.
Thrive and grow.

Cloud Forward

Cloud computing is not about replacing in-house system or changing technologies.  Cloud computing is about using technology and services to achieve results.

We understand that businesses, governments, schools, and nonprofits want to work smarter; that you want be more efficient, and that you want to empower your team and foster success.

We design, deliver, and support cloud solutions that expand how you communicate and improve your ability to collaborate, while protecting your data and simplifying your IT. And, we help you and your team adopt new solutions and take advantage of their new capabilities

What is CumuluSuite?

CumuluSuite is a business solution, built on G Suite (formerly Google Apps) or Microsoft Office 365, designed to match your file management, collaboration, security, and communication needs.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is not just Microsoft Office “in the cloud”.  Office 365 is:

  • A robust, secure communication and collaboration solution
  • Email, calendars, contacts, files, and productivity apps
  • File sharing and editing, with real-time co-authoring
  • Mobile-first — across platforms and formats
  • Cloud-first — and hybrid friendly
  • Knowledge-first — with AI-enhanced information and assistive tools

Switch & Save

Transfer your Google Apps licenses and save

  • 10% off Google Apps licensing
  • 10% off optional support and professional services
  • Pay no activation fees

For your initial term of service, up to 3 years.


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