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If you’re an aspiring retiree, looking to enjoy a secure, comfortable retirement sooner, then the Retirement Readiness Quiz by Dr. Fred Rouse is the holy grail you seek.

Dr. Fred Rouse spent 4 decades in financial services and retirement planning, and have found out that they’ve been lying to you.

There are things they don’t want you to know about your money and your retirement:

1. Realize that traditional retirement savings methods will not suffice in today’s economy.
2. Understand the impact of market crashes on your retirement savings, especially in your retirement.
3. Discover an innovative, approach to achieve financial independence in less than 5 years that’s under Your control.

Unlock the pathway to your dream retirement without the gamble. Start your journey to financial independence now!

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About Dr. Fred Rouse

Dr. Fred Rouse is a 40-year financial services veteran, the last 28 years as a Certified Financial Planner before retiring. A National multiple Award winning, International and 7x Best-Selling Author having co-authored with Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame and International businessman and speaker Brian Tracey “Cracking the Code to Success” and Dick Vitale  “Dickie V”, an American basketball sportscaster “Never Give Up.” And he’s the author of the upcoming book “The Time Is Now: Faster Financial Independence Without Risking a Dollar In The Stock Market”.
He is the nation’s leading authority on Short Window Retirement Planning. This proprietary Cash-Machine System was developed, designed, tested, and re-tested over 10 years for the unique needs of people wanting Faster Financial Independence and the option to enjoy their retirement in the next 3-5 years without risking a dollar in the stock market. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, FORBES, Newsweek, USA Today, and Inc. Magazine as well as other print media across the country.
His work has also been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC, and other TV and cable networks. He splits his time between his home in Pennsylvania and his bay front property in Rehoboth Beach Delaware with his Wife Dr. Teri and their dog Gus-Gus while working with a select number of Students while he runs his small Short Window Retirement Planning program helping others to control their life and money for faster financial independence giving them the option to enjoy their retirement sooner without needing to “work” for the money.

Best-selling Books

Dr. Rouse is a National Award winning Former (by choice) Certified Financial Planner, Multiple Bestselling Author and the Nations Leading Expert in Short Window Retirement Planning.

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