A film about Jill Collen Jefferson, the founder of Julian,
a civil rights law firm giving legal services
to victims of discrimination.



Most killings of black men and women go unreported or worse, under-investigated. Bringing these cases to trial is the mission of Julian, Jill Collen Jefferson’s civil rights law firm.

Ms. Jefferson’s unrelenting focus is on seeking justice for the victims and families of modern day lynchings, unjustified police killings and all other hate crimes.

Our short film portrays the life of Ms. Jefferson as she takes on what seems like a never-ending onslaught of cases. Through it all, we see her battle history, discrimination, the system and more. Eventually, Ms. Jefferson wins a case. But her success is short-lived. Another murder. Another injustice. Another family seeks her help.

Julian is a non-profit, 5013c. Your donation will go 100% toward the production of “History on Repeat.”


Jill is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Law School. She has over 10 years of experience in civil and human rights law and advocacy. Jill has been mentored by a number of civil rights icons, including John Lewis and Julian Bond, who she named her small firm after. In addition to her law practice, Jill has extensive speech-writing experience, having served as a key writer on President Obama’s 2012 campaign and chief speechwriter at his nonprofit, specifically around civil and human rights issues.


Meena Ayittey is an acclaimed filmmaker and activist. Born in London to Ghanaian parents, Meena is especially passionate about bringing to life stories of injustice. Her short film “MAMA” was the 2020 Webby Award winner in Public Service/Activism. She’s recently launched her trailer for Black Creative: Race And The Advertising Industry – an upcoming 60 minute documentary featuring a collective of black voices revealing their experiences working in a predominantly white industry.

Los Angeles, CA

Award-winning global production hub with an international reputation for creativity and excellence.

Risks and challenges

Many families of violence lack the means to hire an attorney. Julian is one of a handful of non-profit law firms who can fill this void. But many families aren’t even aware of Julian. Our film will help raise awareness of Ms. Jefferson’s services, but there is a risk that, even with a powerful viral film, many families will still go without legal help.

We also understand the production challenges ahead of us. Location, talent, crew, post-production and much more will need to be procured. The pandemic continues to disrupt film production across the U.S. We know it will be a challenge for many to donate their time and resources to our film.


Support our mission to HELP the Families of victims, but also civil and human rights legal professionals, policymakers, journalists, to name just a few.

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