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Our professional cloud software helps you run all your in-person, virtual and hybrid B2B events just the way you like them.

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Explore virtual, online and in-person event marketing solutions used by the world’s leading companies.

Beautiful software for event marketing

InEvent helps you highlight & identify your best customers by offering a award winning event platform, with custom white-label branding and global support for 138 countries.

Hybrid marketing solutions

Websites, Virtual Lobby, forms, tickets and email to streamline your marketing communications and event registrations.

In-Person integration hub

CRM systems, analytics, reports and many integrations for your workflow, data and online sponsorship management.

Virtual event engagement

Virtual Lobby, event app, meetings, networking, questions, polling and gamification to enlighten your hybrid attendee experience.

Dynamic landing pages

Each event can have its own unique website, containing all the information needed for your event. As you edit your event on the event registration solution, the website is automatically synced with the updates. You can add as many assets as you want, such as text, images, video, files, presentations and more.

  • Landing pages can be private and secure, with information only accessible after the attendee’s login.
  • Tickets vendors can be integrated to your website so your attendee never leaves your site.
  • Custom layouts are available for unique websites, built specifically for one event or as a template for a series of events.
  • Plugins can also help integrate with your current website, taking specific modules such as schedule, event map, speakers, sponsors, etc and adding them dynamically to sections of your website.

Mobile app platform for Android and iOS

Your event app available on your attendees devices

The application of your event will be available for Android and iOS platforms, and can be accessed and downloaded for free in the app stores. To publish a white label app, you must have your own application store or have an internal distribution system, known as MDM.

Connect networking with interests

Interaction and communication between participants

List of contacts of participants, presented publicly or privately to all or some participants. The profiles of each participant, with the information that each chooses to show or set by the event organizer. To connect all event participants, sharing interests and messages.

Virtual Lobby

The perfect solution for gorgeous virtual events!

Virtual Lobby Classic
The InEvent Virtual Lobby works with any device, without the need to download apps, with branding, sponsor and room capabilities. The platform works on all modern browsers and allows you to share video and camera for live communication. Conference sessions can happen live, bringing the power of your conference or trade show in a dynamic and interactive lobby. Your event and sponsors can also attract leads and generate revenue for their companies using the InEvent Virtual Lobby solution.

Virtual Lobby NEO
Discover an amazing virtual event solution that will amaze you and your attendees from start to finish. With a beautifully designed product, the InEvent Virtual Lobby NEO can deliver the engaging real experience you need for your events without losing the personal touch of an event. NEO allows for multiple breakout rooms, virtual rooms, online events, meetings, private chats and group chats, all in one single platform!

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