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What are you looking for in an instructional design company?


One thing we’ve discovered at Inno-Versity is that we are often viewed as re-active.  Clients come to us and we make what they need.  But if you’ve spent any time with us at Inno-Versity, you know nothing could be further from the truth.  A very large part of what we do begins long, long before the creation of content.  Increasingly we also find that it involves far more than what is traditionally considered instructional design. Let us introduce you to our Essential Elements of Excellence.  Each one is critical to creating your learning solution and it’s what makes us experts in learning.

innoversity-Strategic_Planning innoversity-Learning innoversity-Communication innoversity-PR_Management innoversity-Design
– Review Of Learning Programs
– Culture Of Learning
– Implementation, Evaluation and Revision Cycles
– Other Learning Supports
– Learning Research
– Adult Learning Theory
– Needs Assessment
– Delivery Mode
– Company Values
– Internal Branding and Messaging
– Internal Marketing
– Planning
– Scheduling
– Cost Analysis
– Evaluation
– Creativity and Innovation
– Story-Telling
– Style, Color and Art