What happens when you combine the best of

Customer Experience with the best of Customer Education?

Revenue Happens. Retention Happens. Awesome Happens.

Design and deliver highly-personalized, highly-engaging user experiences at scale.

Your customers and partners need a lot of information about your products and services and they are coming from all over the Web to get it. They’re coming from search. They’re coming from social. They’re coming from email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and microsites. They’re even coming from inside your own apps and tools.

We say let them come.

Because the Intellum platform now offers you a single destination that is designed to address the complexities of authenticating and segmenting large user populations that originate all over the Web.

This means you can easily combine learning, marketing, knowledgebase, customer success and support initiatives into a single experience that will make every customer, partner or employee feel like it was designed just for them.

If business results insurance was a thing

We could stop using the term Managed Services.

Partner with Intellum and we will manage your entire learning initiative.

There is a playbook for customer education and partner training. We should know.

We created the customer education platform years ago while working with Facebook and Google to launch the successful external learning programs that are now considered the gold standard for the industry.

Today we apply that same expertise when managing the day-to-day operations of our clients’ more complex learning initiatives.

From platform optimization and administration to content oversight and marketing strategy, Intellum leverages twenty years of learning technology and consulting experience to ensure that our clients are achieving the outcomes that really matter – like increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

Some of our clients refer to this as Managed Services. We prefer to think of it as Business Results Insurance.

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