The Laws of Creativity


Unlock Your Originality and
Awaken Your Creative Genius





Creativity isn’t magic.

A revealing and practical exploration of creativity: what it is, how it works, and how you can harness it in your everyday life.

In The Laws of Creativity, award-winning creator, designer, and entrepreneur Joey Cofone demystifies the creative process by uncovering the thinking and science behind it, empowering the reader with practical, actionable steps toward creative excellence.

The 39 laws within contain illuminating concepts and powerful instruction. Each law is illustrated with inspiring, enlightening, and surprising stories of iconic creators across history—including Albert Einstein, Serena Williams, Martin Luther King Jr., Harry Houdini, Grace Hopper, Bruce Lee, and many more—and breaks down how they wielded creativity to reach incredible heights.

Creative thinking—humankind’s unique ability to combine unrelated and abstract ideas—has been utilized in countless ways since the dawn of humanity. Every day, people in creative and non-creative fields take advantage of creative thinking to reach all kinds of goals, personally and professionally.

You can do it, too. Here’s how.


Joey Cofone

Joey Cofone is Founder & CEO of Baronfig, an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, and author of The Laws of Creativity.

Joey has designed and art directed over 100 products from zero to launch. His work has been featured in Fast Company, Bloomberg, New York Magazine, Bon Appétit, Quartz, Mashable, Gizmodo, and Print, among others. Joey was named a New Visual Artist and, separately, Wunderkind designer, by Print magazine.

Joey strives to make work that appeals to curious minds—work that’s beautiful, smart, and communicative. He believes that design is the least of a designer’s worries, that story is at the heart of all tasks, and jumping off cliffs is the only way to grow.

He lives in New York City with his wife, Ariana, and his dog (and writing buddy), Luigi.

I really appreciate that each law is illustrated through stories of successful people. That tactic either works or it doesn’t – here, because those stories are new to me, and totally unique, it totally worked. It had the effect of helping me remember and assimilate the info of each law. This books is well-written, educational, and entertaining, and definitely not just for people who consider themselves to be “creative.”

Andi Talarico

While creativity seems like magic (to me) and most people, Joey does a great job of breaking it down into process based steps.

As he points out, some people get paid to be consistently creative and how else could that happen unless it was a process. I’m looking forward to incorporating his ideas into my daily life and routine.

Thanks again and highly recommended book.

Adam Kornfield

Amazing book for anyone who is looking to unlock their creative potential and get inspired. I love how the author goes into detail about each law. The book was full of so many engaging stories that it was hard to put down. I also really love that it comes with it’s own bookmark—beautifully designed and thought out. The Laws of Creativity is a must read!

Laura Toffolo

his book and Joey Cofone’s insight would’ve really been helpful had it been available when I was younger. I am one of the most uncreative guys ever, but this book really helped me discover my creativity pitfalls. Definitely a good read and worth it’s weight in gold!

Joseph Dziedzic

This wonderfully designed book is full of inspiration and practical advice. Joey says creativity isn’t magic — we all can build the skill. And he explains how, as he shares stories

Bev Jones

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