We cordially invite you to participate in an interactive Education IT Leadership Panel as we explore the current and future role of IT in Education. With perspectives from some of the most exceptional education IT leaders committed to innovative practices, this fast-paced forum will explore IT’s priorities that benefit students and educators in a time of unprecedented change, and delve into new technologies driving educational institutions towards a post-pandemic future. You’ll come away with practical insights for use in your institution, and valuable perspectives on the role IT is playing in driving success.

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Michael Berman
Chief Information Officer
California State University

Michael Marassa
Chief Technology Officer
New Trier High School District

Terry Godwaldt
Founder/Executive Director
The Centre for Global Education

Lianne Castelino
Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy
St. Michael’s College School

Doug Reid
Chief Technology Officer
Appleby College


  • How shifts to remote teaching and learning impacted IT priorities in education
  • What unique opportunities has the pandemic created for IT in education
  • How schools are leveraging technology to improve the student experience
  • What lessons has IT learned, and how can they be applied in 2021 and beyond
  • How to plan for and identify funding for technology investments


  • Event Welcome
  • Panelist Introductions
  • Roundtable and Questions
  • Audience Q&A
  • Wrap Up and Follow Up


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