The Most Effective Online Presentation Skills Training Videos To Help You Stand Out, Win Trust & Gain Credibility Every Time You Speak!


Video Training to become a PRESENTATION GENIUS™ with Mark Bowden & Michael Bungay Stanier

Imagine how much more successful you and your business would be if your presentations were off-the-charts engaging!

What if your meetings were truly high-impact? If your training workshops grabbed people’s attention and compelled them to learn?

This radical new online video training program on how to knock your presentations and facilitations out of the park has 23 episodes each lasting 15 minutes, in total just over 5 hours of training! This series brings together unique modules on:

  • How to beat your anxiety through superior self-management
  • Ways to set up any room a successful meeting, workshop or presentation
  • The neuroscience and practice of how we effectively engage others
  • Building trust, credibility and Influencing others through body language
  • Masterful facilitation tips for getting the most out of a group with the least effort
  • Creating the most useful materials, and avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Dealing with disruptive behaviors and presenting through teamwork and facilitation

…and so much more!!

Crafted and presented by sought after expert trainers Mark Bowden and Michael Bungay Stanier, this program allows everyone to become a Presentation Genius!

Presentation Skills for Leaders Including New Training On Presenting Via Video From Home

Ranked in the top ten communication development trainings in the world by Global Gurus, this series of concise and compelling video episodes now includes new material on exactly how to present, lead and sell virtually from your home office environment. All delivered to you by the communication trainer ranked #1 Body Language Professional in the world for two years running.

In less than an hour, you can understand the most effective presentation techniques for leaders available. including how to lead, motivate and sell via video from your home office. Along with many more bonus videos our downloadable Communication Success Quick Study Guide—packed with top tips from Mark Bowden on the fundamentals of communication and the TRUTHPLANE® GesturePlane™ method, presentation prep checklists, fast steps to impactful and persuasive communication, and much more; and our downloadable at-a-glance GesturePlane™ System Guide.

This unique and highly sought after training ranked one of the best in the world will help you quickly learn how to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time you speak!

Don’t delay, start learning immediately and get a head start on raising your presentations to the next level.

Master your technique and confidence with these concise skill-packed videos from the world’s #1 body language expert and presentation skills trainer for the world’s #1 Executive MBA, Fortune 50 CEOs and G8 leaders.

This video training is the one-stop-shop to increase your leadership executive presence whenever and wherever you present, including on video from your work at home office, and includes information-packed quick study reference materials for download.

With this training, you will:

  • Know exactly what to do to win trust, gain credibility and motivate every time you communicate digitally
  • Learn top techniques and preparation for making the most effective and compelling video calls and phone calls
  • Learn how your own body language over calls can keep you calm, assertive and open, and can motivate others to remain the same
  • Learn simple methods of effective listening that help others feel understood and keep them engaged
  • Understand the real factors that cause people to feel disempowered, and how exactly to countermeasure those to keep them motivated to carry on
  • Learn new strategies to keep people focused on a goal even when the world is rapidly changing
  • Learn in minutes Mark’s world renowned TRUTHPLANE® GesturePlane™ System to build trust and credibility around you and your message
  • Understand how you are judged when you speak and how you can create positive first and lasting impressions
  • Discover new ways to engage your audience with PowerPoint—not powerpoint-less!
  • Know exactly how to gesture with your hands when sitting or standing
  • Build your self-confidence every time you present


Conexión Ganadora

Las Comunicaciones a distancia llegaron para quedarse, este set de herramientas te permitirá mantenerte productivo conservando y mejorando los resultados que tenías hasta el momento. Además, estas herramientas te servirán para cuando la pandemia quede en el pasado. Cada video incluye una técnica escencial para comunicar con excelencia.

Conoce las 3C que diferencian a los profesionales de los amateurs.

No hay un gen que algunos poseen y que les permiten hablar en público con eficacia. Lo que hay, son las herramientas que te llevarás en este curso. Sabrás sobre cómo ordenar estructuras, cómo mostrar contenidos para que las personas se interesen en ellos y dominarás tu cuerpo y el espacio. ¡Bienvenido/a a convertirte en la persona que otros quieren escuchar!

Winning Body Language.

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