The Narrative Systems Company

We are a SaaS and Managed Services solution for integrated media storytelling in education, training, and marcom.

The Narrative Platform

The Narrative Platform gives you the power to produce, manage, and deliver interactive video storytelling for more engaging instruction and communications.

Managed Services

In the Telling, the managed services division, offers a wide array of integrated media production and management services. We support the following:
  • Film & rich media production
  • Storytelling-centric instructional design
  • Media asset management
  • Narrative Producer authoring and training
  • Media hub design and management


Humans are storytelling machines. We think in stories, we spawn stories, we remember stories. Today, we tell stories through mixed media: podcasts, video, images, news, readings, slides, social comments, and more. Narrasys provides a cloud-based SaaS and managed services for integrating mixed media in engaging narratives that train, educate, and market your ideas or products to mobile media consumers.


Narrasys gives educators power tools and services to blend video, podcasts, presentations, slides, documents, and assessments into memorable instruction.


Marketing + Storytelling = complex media mashups. The Narrative Platform empowers marketers, bloggers, and publishers to design and create high-impact narratives that layer all the information a person needs to take action.


Boring, long-form lecture-capture training is tired. Narrasys helps companies build searchable, modular, integrated-media learning networks with or without an LMS.


Narrasys builds and manages dedicated online academies for organizations, pundits, authors, and companies for global scaling of training and communications to employees, followers, and customers.

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