Learn more about Dr. Arthur Langer and his leadership at Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership

Dr. Arthur M. Langer 

Dr. Arthur M. Langer is an accomplished academic and leader in the field of technology management and digital leadership. He currently serves as the Associate Vice Provost and Professor of Practice at Northeastern University, where he leads the prestigious Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership.

With a distinguished career spanning several decades, Dr. Langer has held prominent positions at leading institutions such as Columbia University and Graduate School of Education (Teachers College). He served as the Director of the Center for Technology Management, Professor of Professional Practice, and Academic Director of the Master in Science in Technology Management programs at Columbia University. He also served as Faculty Director of the Advanced Certificate in Workforce Education and Development Program, and as a faculty member in the Department of Organization and Leadership.

Dr. Langer is an accomplished author with an extensive list of publications to his credit, including “Analysis and Design of Next Generation Software Architectures: 5G, IoT, Blockchain and Quantum Computing” (2020), “Strategic Information Technology: Best Practices to Drive Digital Transformation” (2nd Ed., 2018 with Lyle Yorks), “Information Technology and Organisational Learning” (3rd Ed., 2018), “Guide to Software Development: Designing and Managing the Life Cycle” (2nd Ed., 2016), “Analysis and Design of Information Systems” (2007), “Applied Ecommerce” (2002), and “The Art of Analysis” (1997). He has also published numerous articles and papers relating to service learning for underserved populations, IT organisational integration, mentoring and staff development.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Langer is the Chairman and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides training and employment opportunities to underserved and Veteran job seekers. He is a sought-after consultant, providing guidance to corporations and universities around the world on information technology, staff development, management transformation, and curriculum development.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Langer held executive positions at leading companies such as Coopers and Lybrand, where he served as the Executive Director of Computer Support Services. He also served as the General Manager and Partner of Software Plus and as the President of Macco Software.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Langer continues to make significant contributions to the field of technology management and workforce development, and his leadership at Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

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