About Bear Minimum:

At Bear Minimum we believe it is possible to live with minimal impact on our environment and without the use of harmful chemicals that both negatively affect us and our planet. Through the right knowledge, habits, and products we believe we can all live less wasteful lives that will positively affect our wallets, our health, and our environment. Bear minimum will be a hub for fellow eco warriors within the community to come together and make a difference. Providing knowledge, products, and community events around sustainable living. Bear Minimum is a Refillery and Marketplace for sustainable and local goods located in Boonton NJ.

Bear Minimums products will vary from refillable soaps, cleaners, and shampoos to sustainable and chemical free baby and child products and handmade local jewelry. Bearly Minimum seeks to help spread awareness on sustainability and seeks to help local consumers buy products which help them limit their carbon footprint and give them sustainable, and safe options for them and their family. 

Bear Minimum will operate in a physical store located in Boonton NJ as well as online for Local pickup and Delivery through bearminimumnj.com. Bear Minimum will also participate in the regularly hosted Boonton events and Boonton Farmers market as well as other local events and activities.

Bear Minimum believes that there is a fast growing consumer demand for sustainable options that allow them to limit their consumption and make an impact on their local economy. Bear minimum seeks to be more than just a marketplace for sustainable products and refill goods, but also a community resource on sustainable and holistic living.

Elizabeth Loranger

Elizabeth is a dedicated and passionate individual with direct experience in refillery and sustainable goods, eco-hub for earth-conscious products. She is a team-player and hard-worker (remove this sentence if it is too long). Liz is an Eco-warrior and Co-owner of Bear Minimum.

Michael Acre

Michael is an engineer who builds cloud based software for small and medium sized businesses which help increase productivity to grow profit. He is a philosopher and artist  (remove this sentence if it is too long). He is an Eco-warrior and Co-founder of Bear Minimum

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