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Dr. Milton Chen

Dr. Milton Chen is the founder and CEO of VSee and This American Doc, the only video telehealth software good enough for the NASA International Space Station, how astronauts see their doctors every day. VSee supports 1500+ customers including all three of the biggest healthcare systems in the USA: HCA, Trinity, Ascension. VSee investors include Salesforce.com, IQT, US National Science Foundation, and Bill Perry (former Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton). Milton did his Ph.D. at Stanford on the design of video collaboration. He was the co-author of the XMPP video standard (XMPP is used by Google Talk and Facebook Chat). He has deployed vsee for Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, the rock band Linkin Park, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and President Obama’s Inauguration. Milton has also worked in numerous refugee camps, include traveling to Iraq, Syria, South East Asia, and Africa deploying telemedicine.

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