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About Ron Filipkowski


Ron Filipkowski Attorney, Triathlete, Historian. Former Marine veteran and has been a Federal Prosecutor Republican for his total life. Now Defense Attorney & Democrat. Tracking and Reporting on Right-Wing Extremism and a He has been opposing the previous President of the US, Donald Trump.

One in every of Ron’s recordings stated that Trump is a risk to our majority guidelines system and has scrutinized Donald Trump generally, even subsequent to being a deep-rooted Republican.

Filipkowski had condemned the lead consultant since they weren’t coping with the pandemic appropriately, in line with his perspective. He stated that they have been “silly and unreliable.”

The earlier examiner is by all accounts put sources into the nation. His new tweet was likewise about Mr. Trump by which he says that Mitch will get his vengeance on Trump.

Primarily, he’s from Sarasota, Florida, was born in 1969, and is at current 52 years of age. He has been working for the Judicial Nominating Fee for over ten years.

Likewise, he was delegated to the state’s twelfth Circuit Judicial Nominating Fee by DeSantis in any case, he rapidly left there. Filipkowski was likewise designated for the job of Former Governor twice.

He’s trailed by 254.4 thousand and is following 1,115. He joined Twitter in August 2020. Ron’s new tweet has been seen by 49k people and has 1938 preferences. 440 people retweeted it, and there are 179 remarks.

Filipkowski has been doing unbelievable because of the safety lawyer and former authorities investigator.

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