“Shorthand has made a considerable difference to how we are able to present our features and the levels of engagement show that.”

Valeria Cardi

“We wanted to experiment and test new ways of storytelling. We can rely on the platform to do that in a cost effective manner and not pull on too many resources internally.”

Dan Maffei

“Shorthand has allowed Telegraph journalists to turn around multimedia stories & projects without any reliance on developers, & have been integrated across the newsroom for coverage ranging from interactive graphics, photo stories & long-reads.”

Meabh Ritchie

“Collaborative, friendly & helpful – the team at Shorthand are as versatile as their platform, which is a great tool for telling stories in a rich & engaging form.”

Phil Holland

“We’ve been able to build quality immersive content, with a quick turnaround, without relying heavily on developer support. Audiences respond well to it, & it’s great to have a tool that allows great journalism to look as good as it reads.”

Alison Gow

“It’s completely opened up a whole new area of putting content online for us. We hadn’t done anything like this previously so it really has changed the breadth and width of everything we have available now.”

Shakia Stewart

“Shorthand removes all the technical complexities involved and allows non-coders to build a creative that has such that deep immersive feel, and in a fraction of the time.”

Scott Peacocke

“We’re already noticed time on page to be significantly higher on our Shorthand stores, up to nearly 7 minutes per session. In terms of actual engagement, it’s given us a big boost.”

James Shackell

“Using Shorthand has brought development time down from several weeks to a day or less. This means we can do many more projects than before. And time on page is always better than normal CMS stores. We’re getting some great results.”

Matt Martel

“Shorthand has saved us time and money compared to traditional alternatives. We can produce special featured stories without having to engage designers and developers.”

Jonas Ibsen Brynildsrud

“We don’t have engagement levels like that on any other areas of our webstie… It’s amazing that we’re got that kind of engagement.”

Chris Brown

“We loved that Shorthand made creating a visually engaging and beautiful page possible without our time and resource constraints.”

Vera Leung