Net Access



Why Net Access?

We’re a company that’s passionate about helping enterprises and organizations find better ways to manage their critical IT infrastructure.

At Net Access, our relentless “prove it” mindset means we don’t believe in cookie‐cutter solutions or hunches like many traditional enterprise technology vendors. Instead, our approach is based on continually capturing and analyzing real time data from our data center, cloud and customer’s IT environments to identify the best, most appropriate infrastructure for their evolving needs.

And with the industry’s widest array of solutions – cloud, colocation, dedicated hosting, networking and managed services – we’re able to craft a multi‐ technology “thinking” infrastructure that’s flexible enough to change on‐the‐ fly to optimize speed, efficiency and reliability.

That same relentless curiosity and passion have led to an unmatched reputation for customer care as well as a long list of industry firsts, including a number of advances that put us at the head of a revolution in datacenter design and performance.

If you’re passionate about your business and curious about harnessing the strength of better, more reliable technology solutions, Net Access “gets” you. We’re kindred spirits.


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