Sales for most merchants are spread across many different online and offline sales channels. This means you’re spending hours each day doing a lot of manual work in different tools just to run your business. With the increasing number of sales channels this isn’t sustainable.

We have been designing Shopify to replace this painful patchwork of systems with a simple, unified platform. One that can be used to effortlessly sell your products in all of your different sales channels.

When you log into your Shopify admin, you’ll see that the left navigation has been reorganized to accommodate additional sales channels. Each sales channel contains it’s own features and an overview that shows you how it’s performing.


Today, the three sales channels included with Shopify are:

Online Store – Your Shopify hosted ecommerce website and secure shopping cart.
Point of Sale – Sell in person with Shopify POS—available on iPhone and iPad. Now included in all Shopify plans.
Buy Buttons – Turn any website into an online store—works with WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, and more! Now included in all Shopify plans.

With the addition of sales channels to Shopify, all of your customer and product information will be in one place, meaning you’ll no longer have to duplicate your efforts in different tools and your customers will always have a consistent experience across all of your channels.

You can add or remove these sales channels from the settings page in your Shopify admin. Over the coming months, we’ll be offering even more sales channels that you can connect to the Shopify platform.
The future of commerce is multichannel

The way you sell things has changed, and it will continue to change as your customers keep exploring new sales channels. With Shopify, you’ll now be able to easily manage those sales channels, and do so in a way that provides an amazing shopping experience.

With the release of Multichannel Shopify, we’re one step closer to reaching our goal of making commerce better for everyone.

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