Need A Whiteboard Explainer Video?

We work with amazing companies who want engaging, unique, creative, exciting, interactive and inspiring videos. Your Story + Ydraw = Something Amazing.


What do you need? How can we help tell YOUR STORY? We’ve got Whiteboard Videos, Blackboard Videos, 2D Animation, 3D, Ypaint and more. These guys love working with us and you will too! (well…at least we hope you will. Our magic universe powers will make sure you love working with us, because we love our customers.)

Ydraw is an amazing company made up of a team of brilliant people (and obviously ridiculously good looking people). In 1998, two best friends set out to become billionaires. They failed, and instead came together in 2011 to create an awesome company called Ydraw. The company began with luck, a lot of trips to Best Buy, and we may have had to borrow some editing programs from the internet. But, no worries we are now fully compliant.

We love the quote, “When you have a why the how really doesn’t matter.” Our why is to inspire and our passion is video. Instead of you having sit there and read a boring paragraph of how great we are and how we are the number #1 animation video company, (yes we are great and yes we are #1), we think it would be better for all of us to focus on your company. What are you looking for? What specific message are you trying to deliver? How are you going to keep the attention of your audience? At Ydraw, we take care of this for you. We love to create videos that will move people to take action. Our clients are gold to us and we will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. We simplify the complicated, help old ladies cross the road, and inspire children to become great moms and dads. There’s no other place we would rather be than right here, helping you deliver your message.


No need to get too overwhelmed with the process. We keep is simple plus your writer, artist, and project manager are amazing…They are like Chameleons who can adapt to anything yet stay true to being lizards..

Let The Journey Begin

To begin your Ydraw video, we first need to figure out what is best for your company. What length is best? What style will fit your needs? Together, we discuss the best options and come to terms. Once you’ve signed Ydraw’s contract and made first half payment, the journey begins!

Creative Call, Script Writing, And Initial Storyboard

You have 5 seconds before 50% of your audience drops off. No worries, our experienced writers are trained to create an engaging whiteboard video script. We create the headline, find the pain, tell the story, and call them to action.

Art & Design. The Magic Starts!

Get excited because this is where the magic begins. After the script is created your project will move into the art design. You will choose your style and Ydraw will create the storyboard. Before your project goes into recording you will be able to see all of the artwork and make any desired corrections.

La La La La Voice Over Recording

Your Voice Over Selection can not be taken lightly. We have chosen the absolute best talent in the industry. You can listen to the different selections once we give you access to the voiceover page.

Editing, The Final Frontier

You are almost done. The finish line is in view. All the work we have put in, up until this point, finally comes to fruition. George Lucas, Michael Angelo and Walt Disney would be proud. Your Animation Video is complete. Sweet dreams my friend…The world is now a better place. Share it with the world, on Youtube, your website and do not forget your mother. All moms love Ydraw videos!

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