Seth Godin Interviews Tom Peters

This beautifully-designed book by award-winning design firm, Donovan/Green, captures Tom’s timeless and new lessons in leadership for NOW. Called the “Greatest Business Book of All Time” (Bloomsbury UK), Tom and Robert Waterman’s In Search of Excellence launched a maverick approach to management thinking in 1982. Tom’s seventeen books since have been cornerstones of management lessons from business schools to boardrooms.

With Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, Tom sets an even higher bar given the state of our world today. Why “Extreme Humanism”? Tom will show how excellence in leadership is achieved by an obsessive focus on the growth of those you are leading. Reflecting on how to lead in current conditions, Tom says, “What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career.”

Fans who await Tom’s next bold insights based on decades of research and on-the-ground, (e.g. Twitter – @tom_peters) steely observations, will once again find themselves immersed in a rich world of people-first wisdom.  Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism will long serve as a business bible for both individuals and organizations—large and small. Excellence Now powerfully delivers the management and leadership direction for how to move forward in a world turned upside down.

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