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What is Trainual & How does it work?

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Set Up Your Team In Minutes

On-board all of your users and make Trainual your own in less than 15 minutes. At first login, you can add your logo and select custom colors for your Trainual account to get everything in line with your brand. Then, add users, assign roles, and start creating topics and subjects for company content in no time.

Edit & Update Your Content

With Trainual, it’s easier than ever to keep your processes up-to-date. Create subjects and knowledge flows, auto assign content to new employees in specific roles, and use photos, videos, or upload existing docs to make training easier than ever. Never have an out of date or inconsistent training manual again.

Group Processes By Role

Stop sifting through the chaos of Dropbox, Google Docs, or your email to find your scattered company content when you need to train someone fast. Write the owner’s manual for your business and keep everything organized in one place.

Create Tests & Accountability

Ensure your people know how to do what’s expected of them with simple tests built into automated sequences.

Watch Your Team’s Progress

Track logins and monitor user progress. Screen your new hires or prospective employees for comprehension and commitment.

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