Cybercrime is at record levels – are you prepared?

2018 was an incredible year for the NYDLA and all of our members. As we continue to look for ways to develop key relationships and save money for our members a record number of you have shared recent stories about how you have been a victim of Cybercrime.

As a result, we have reached out to Wells Fargo for help in developing an educational series for our members which will not only discuss some of the most prevalent points of vulnerability and recent trends but also provide a number of actionable ideas which you can implement right away.

Speakers have experience working with government agencies as well as private industry and in our opinion attending would be a very valuable use of your time. Because of the sensitive nature of the content these LIVE in-person discussions will NOT be recorded nor will the information be shared with anyone other than those attending the live event.

We have scheduled three live events during the month of February and are limiting the capacity of each to 50 people so that the interactive portion of the event is optimized. These three live events will be held in the headquarters of Wells Fargo at 150 east 42nd Street NYC from 8:30am – 10:30am on February 5th, 14th and 26th.

To receive more information and to reserve your spot please fill out the form below. You can attend one, two or all three NYC events.

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