I have some very exciting news to share.

Back in 2012, when Rutgers became a sponsor of the NYDLA it was a very big deal. In addition to access to their campus and all of their facilities we also received access to close to 500,000 of their living alumni. It transformed the NYDLA and kick-started our growth.

Three years later, when Harvard became a sponsor, the reaction was so transformative we almost doubled in size. In addition, because of the global reach Harvard’s alumni provided, the NYDLA grew from a national network to a global brand.

And now, another three years later, I am thrilled to announce an incredible partnership with Wells Fargo Bank. The NYDLA / Wells Fargo partnership is a multifaceted relationship which can provide our members with tremendous benefits ranging from residential and commercial real estate loans, traditional business and commercial banking services, a full range of credit and lending facilities as well as personal financial planning and wealth management.

We will have a dedicated team managing the Wells Fargo relationship and in many cases NYDLA members will receive additional benefits. Wells Fargo, with an equipment loan portfolio in excess of $60 billion, is one of the largest providers of credit in the country and should prove to be a tremendous asset to members looking to purchase equipment of any kind. In many cases, subject to underwriting and credit review, they have been able to finance up to 100% of the purchase price.

Before we roll this out nationally I think it makes sense to begin to have conversations with some of our best customers and members and see if they could benefit from any credit facilities offered through Wells Fargo.

Soon we shall issue a press release and really spread the word.

Let’s have a Zoom meeting to discuss how this Wells Fargo strategic partnership can help you to grow YOUR business.