Benefits of Membership

IconCheckMark Credibility show customers you’re staying current with your industry
icon-handshake Contacts access to our members that can be used for marketing and research
icon-bullhorn Advertising your business can be featured, and be part of deals that attract business
icon-dollar Savings take advantage of discounts for services and technologies you need
 icon-networking Networking opportunities to attend events, get referrals, or form potential partnerships
 icon-teaching Mentorship our experts can offer you support and guidance, even legal advice
 icon-lobbying Lobbying take advantage of opportunities to lobby local government for change
icon_visibility Visibility you can benefit from off-site SEO if the NYDLA links to your website

And much, much more!!!

Membership dues to join the NYDLA community are only
$25 per month (or $250 per year if paid annually)

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icon-membersOur global community receives access to online and live events, podcasts, webinars, products and services not available to the general public.  Start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies make up our global community. Whether you are a one-person entrepreneur working in a coworking space or a 500+ member law firm, our membership fees are the same.

Membership also grants you access to our annual events in New York City. We also host quarterly live events at corporate sponsor headquarters, such as Google, Microsoft, Polycom and IBM, to name just a few.


NYDLA services the needs of Pre-K through grade 12 education, higher education, home schooling, continuing education, corporate training, military and government training and telehealth. In addition, NYDLA is focused on global technology-based Distance Learning, “the cloud” and IoT (Internet of Things) in all aspects of today’s digital world.

In 2015, the average net savings
for an NYDLA community member
was $487 per year.

Wouldn’t you like this benefit
for your company or organization?

Join the NYDLA.org community today and “THRIVE” in the clouds!