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Leaders of all sorts look for coaches who can deliver the most value and the improvements they desperately need. Our coach training program guarantees measurable results in your coaching engagements and for yourself.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov is #1 Global Leading Coach (Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50) and one of the top global thinkers has created the most simple and impactful process of how to create, construct and execute a strong and compelling vision.

Leaders and top global experts like Marshall Goldsmith (the world’s #1 Executive Coach and #1 Leadership Thinker), Benjamin Croft (Founder and Chairman, WBECS Group) praise the process for helping leaders at every level to become visionaries. This process is available for you now.

Become a Visionary Leadership Coach to use the most effective and lifechanging process Oleg Konovalov uses – a process top visionaries trust.

This is a huge opportunity to help clients to create, construct, and lead a strong and compelling vision and meet growing the growing demand. Join the Oleg Konovalov Visionary Leadership Coaching program today and help many to become visionaries and change their lives and businesses.


Visionary leadership is the Meta Competence of the 21st century. The Visionary Leadership Coaching certification course is suitable for all business leaders responsible for determining an organization’s vision or its strategic direction.

The program participants will gain a complete set of leadership tools and skills to become a high-impact visionary leader and coach to their teams.

The course is based on the most effective process CAVIAR – (Clarity of Creation, Ability or growing as a visionary leader, Viability in maintaining the functionality of a vision, Influence (Communicating and Sharing), Acting or execution, Revitalizing or growing a vision).

4 days by 3 hours a day of in-depth learning in a format of the live workshop (online).

The participants will gain:

  • Full understanding of how to create, construct, and execute a strong and compelling vision, and how to become a visionary leader, and help others to become visionaries.
  • A complete set of leadership tools and skills to become a high-impact visionary leader and coach to their teams.
  • Measurable growth as a visionary leader.


Visionary Leadership Coaching Certification

Become a member of the visionary leadership coaches’ community

A complete set of tools and skills to become a high impact visionary coach


  • 12-16 hours of in-depth learning in a format of the live workshop.
  • Get answers to your questions directly from Oleg Konovalov.
  • Vibrant international groups of the bright leadership minds.
  • Downloadable coaching resources and materials.
  • Full immersion and highly interactive online workshops from the comfort of your home or office.

The greatness of your success depends on the greatness of your vision.

Once registered you will receive an invitation to join a workshop, coaching material that lays out the process, and full details for the four-day certification.

Each day session is between three and four hours long.

The fee for attending this certification is $3,900.00. (contact us for the payment instructions)



Workshop Calendar 2023

October 09-12, 09:00 am ET / 14:00 UK / 15:00 CET

Paid Members of NYDLA: Email the receipt from your course certification to, fill up the form and we shall credit your NYDLA membership fee one month (a $25 value).

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