More feedback, more ideas, better outcomes. Klaxoon’s Workshop Platform revolutionizes the way you do workshops.

With Klaxoon, the Workshop Platform, run efficient workshops confidently. Since 2015, more than 10 million workshops have been conducted using our collaborative tool. 

From ideation workshops, design thinking, project management,  customer meetings, team rituals, training sessions, and business reviews, Klaxoon provides an unmatched experience of mindful collaboration through efficient workshops. From anywhere, at any time, and from any device, effectively engage teams and get things done in a hybrid environment.

Klaxoon brings together the essential activities into one platform to run workshops easily: a virtual whiteboard, surveys, memos, communications tools, information sharing features, automated reporting, and built-in video conferencing.

An unmatched experience of mindful collaboration

Klaxoon, awarded worldwide

Microsoft Partner of the Year
Apps & solutions for Microsoft Teams

Klaxoon is accessible directly from Microsoft Teams.

Collaborative by design

Easiness to connect, to use, to share with others
✔ A unique experience to allows everyone to bring their own contribution at every step of a project to increase productivity 

Full hybrid workspace

In the office, alone or in a team, or remotely, with partners, clients, providers… from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer… on any screen size…
✔ A complete solution to maximize engagement 

Cross functional

all business lines, departments, and organizations can do workshops in just a blink of an eye.
✔ An easy-to-use tool for a smooth adoption

“Klaxoon came along as the best solution in getting people to collaborate better.”

Gary Shapiro

CEO, Consumer Technology Association

An award-winning collaborative tool,
adopted by millions of teams in over 120 countries

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient
and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities,
public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon
to allow their teams to thrive.

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Klaxoon Devices

Klaxoon Box

Our CES 2016 award-winning Klaxoon Box generates its own WiFi network. Klaxoon can be used anywhere, without worrying about your Internet connection. Up to 100 team members can interact simultaneously.

Meeting Board

With Meeting Board, get full participation in your meetings. This tactile mobile whiteboard allows you to access the Workshop Platform when meeting in person.