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Upgrade Your Online Meetings

Our newest BlueJeans video conferencing plan comes with unlimited recordings, real-time transcription, and so much more.


A Phone System That Empowers Your Business

Take your phone system to the next level with advanced features like Voicemail-to-text, Forward Calls to Cellphone, Call Recording, and even manage multiple offices from the same portal.

TriNet PeopleForce

TriNet 2022

Topics relevant to SMBs will be discused at an award-winning SMB event, which returns to New York and will be held virtually and in person on September 13-15, 2022.

Telehealth Secrets 2022 Conference

Vsee Conference

Superhuman Productivity & Telehealth Business Models Topic will be holding in Silicon Valley on Nov. 8-9, 2022 and NYDLA members enjoy $300 OFF as Early Bird Ticket


The WorkShop Platform

Klaxoon brings together the essential activities into one platform to run workshops easily: a virtual whiteboard, surveys, memos, communications tools, information sharing features, automated reporting, and built-in video conferencing.


Work isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do. So however (or wherever) you need to work, there’s a Jabra product that can help you get the most out of your day. Work from anywhere, because anywhere can work.

Barco - Click Share

Great things happen when people click

ClickShare, wireless presentation and conferencing technology,
creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact
easily and naturally.


ecommerce for a new era

Build a business that’s ready for anything with the flexibility of Open SaaS.
Explore limitless possibilities to Build, Innovate and Grow.

Welcome to the New York & North American Distance Learning Associations serving the 579M+ people living, learning, working and playing in the “the clouds”

The NYDLA | NADLA mission: To support a global forum dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information between corporate, academic, and government professionals, concerning the issues and technological changes in the field of Digital, Distance or “e-Learning” as we evangelize how TBLS (Technology Based Learning Systems) can be utilized to improve human performance.

At its core, our community epitomizes the fusion of knowledge, technology and talent in every time zone.

NYDLA (and now NADLA) exists due to the generosity of our most valued Vendors and Sponsors. Please click on their logos to learn more about their products and services. And, enjoy “members only” pricing!

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